Shades of Gray by Maya Banks

Shades of Gray by Maya BanksBook 6

Shades of Gray is the 6th novel in the KGI Series by Maya Banks.

Normally this series is about the brothers in the Kelly family in this series.  But this book happens to be about two of the team members that work with them.

This story is about PJ and Cole.  They are both members of Steele's team.  And they are both sharpshooters.

This is a fight-like-cats-and-dogs-but-actually-love-each-other type of romance.

PJ and Cole dance around each other for months before they succumb and spend one glorious night together.

Then they go on a mission and it goes horribly wrong.  PJ is raped and attacked.  This affects her deeply.

And she goes rogue.  She leaves KGI and disappears.  For six months she is on the run trying to find the men that did that raped her.

And this affects Cole too.  He realizes how much she actually means to him and refuses to give up the search to finding her.

It takes nearly six months to find her.  And when he does, she has already killed several of the men that raped her.  The KGI teams step into help her as they find her injured by this time.

So this story is about PJ learning and knowing that she has family that will stand behind her.  Cole also declares his love to her and they have a whirlwind courtship.

This particular story was not as moving as some of the others in this book series.  It does still give you an insight into how the teams work and how they function together.

So you can see the research that Maya Banks has to do in order to put these stories together.

Just like the other stories, there are sexy details to skip over if needed.

I'm sure this was a difficult story to write.  Maya Banks did a decent job of presenting this in the storyline.  Even though it was very hard to read.

This is definitely a series that is worth reading.  Don't forget to go back and read the beginning novels in this series.

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