Slow Burn Series by Maya Banks

The Slow Burn Novels are about the people that work for the Devereaux Security firm.  This is the firm that Caleb (book 1) started after his sister, Tori was kidnapped.  The firm is not the story line, but the people that are apart of them are.

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Book 1, Keep Me Safe, is about Caleb and Ramie St. Claire.

Book 2, In His Keeping, is about Beau Devereaux and Arial.

Book 3, Safe at Last, is about Zack Covington and Gracie.

Book 4, With Every Breath, is about Eliza Cummings and Wade Sterling.

Book 5, Just One Touch, is about Isaac and Jenna.

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Maya Banks' In His KeepingBook 2
Maya Banks' Safe at LastBook 3
Maya Banks' With Every BreathBook 4
Maya Banks' Just One TouchBook 5

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