Author Maya Banks

Maya Banks is the bestselling author of several suspenseful contemporary romances.  Check out her bookshelf here.

While she has written several book series.  

She is master storyteller, able to pull you in and keep you reading.  Her sensuality levels can be medium to medium-high.  She does get detailed in her love scenes but not crude.  The scenes go with the story and don't overpower the plot line.  

KGI Series

This is the KGI Series.  A group of men, that happen to be family, create an organization that does the jobs that no one else wants.

Check out lots of details about this series here.  Each book can stand on it's own, but if you read the whole series, you are able to see how they continue on in each of their lives.  

Here is the book order for this series:

Maya Banks' The Darkest HourBook 1
Maya Banks' No Place to RunBook 2
Maya Banks' Hidden AwayBook 3
Maya Banks' Echoes at DawnBook 5
Maya Banks' Softly at SunriseBook 5.5
Maya Banks' Shades of GrayBook 6
Maya Banks' Forged in SteeleBook 7
Maya Banks' After the StormBook 8
Maya Banks' When Day BreaksBook 9
Maya Banks' Darkest Before DawnBook 10
Maya Banks' Brighter than the SunBook 11
Maya Banks' Wherever You AreBook 12

Slow Burn Novels

I was pleasantly surprised with this series.  I was expecting a lot more sexy details, but what I got was an engaging story with well developed characters.

Check out the Slow Burn Series here.

Maya Banks' In His KeepingBook 2
Maya Banks' Safe at LastBook 3
Maya Banks' With Every BreathBook 4
Maya Banks'Just One TouchBook 5


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