The Black Sheep by Patricia Ryan

The Black Sheep by Patricia RyanBook 1

The Black Sheep is the 1st book in the North Moon Bay Series by Patricia Ryan.

This book is about Harley Ann Sayers and Tucker Hale.

While housesitting for the wealthy Railegh Hale, she is stunned to find his son sitting at the piano after more than 20 years of estrangement.  

At first, she reluctant to let him stay.  But as she sees him walk in immense pain, she can't just let him walk out in the rain.

As she gets to know him, she finds out that he was in a terrible plane crash that left him limping and in excrutiating pain all the time.

Harley has been asked to take care of the house and she is a stickler for rules and is regimented in getting her chores done as well as staying in shape.

Tucker, on the other hand, is the epitome of laid back, just going with the flow.  Rules and regulations are what drove Tucker away from R.H. in the first place.  

But his father is his father and while laying in the hospital bed, he realized that he wanted to mend things with him, hence the reason why he showed up on his doorstep.

When he finds out that he's not even there, he doesn't plan on staying but the innocent Harley intrigues him.  So he sticks around.

As they get to know each other, he almost mocks her for her regimented lifestyle.  And she gets annoyed at his lack thereof.

So the storyline is the main characters going back and forth and finally ending with a challenge given to Tucker, that if he can catch her when swimming a lap in the pool, he can "have" her.  He takes that challenge seriously.

Their banter back and forth is the base of the plot line.  When he finally is healthy enough to win her, she's found out some details about his past and she doesn't know if she can get past it.

But in the end, she does!!  And it ends happy, not only for her and Tucker but also for him reconciling with his father.

While I did think the story was a cute story is was a forgettable one.  I don't think I'll be waiting for the rest of the series.

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