The Copper Creek Cowboys by R.C. Ryan

The Copper Creek Cowboys Series is about the sons of Murdock (Bear) MacKenzie.  He was murdered before the beginning of book 1, and that's the back story for this series.

Book 1, The Maverick of Copper Creek, is about Ash MacKenzie and Brenna Crane.  He is the oldest son to Bear and had left home after a fight with Bear. 

Book 2, The Rebel of Copper Creek, brings us the story of Griff Warren.  He is the bastard son of Bear.  He didn't know Bear was his father until his own mothers death.

Book 3, The Legacy of Copper Creek, is about the youngest son Whit.  When he stumbles upon Cara, he knows he's finally met his match.

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Here's a book quote that from book 2, The Rebel of Copper Creek.

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