Josh by RC Ryan

Josh by RC RyanBook 2

Josh is the 2nd book in the Wyoming Sky Series by RC Ryan.  This series is about the Conway brothers, Quinn, Josh, and Jake.

All three brothers work together to make their ranch successful.  And then each of them have a thing of their own that makes them unique.

Josh is a mountain climber.  And a hiker.  He knows these mountains like the back of his hand.  He helps the local search and rescue with lost hikers/climbers.  

And when he's called out, he expects to find a stranded climber, but instead he finds a stunningly beautiful woman that is enjoying taking photographs of the local wildlife.

She's anything but lost.

Sierra Moore isn't lost but she is running from a stalker.  She doesn't think he would follow her into the winter wonderland of the mountains.

When Josh finally finds her, she realizes that she didn't take into account the blizzard that is coming their way.

They also realize that her stalker has found her and she goes to their ranch for protection.  And of course, they spend time together and end up falling in love!!

Okay, it's a typical western romance, especially RC Ryan's style.  But it is still a good story!  Enjoyed it completely!

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