The Legacy of Copper Creek by RC Ryan

The Legacy of Copper Creek by RC RyanBook 3

The Legacy of Copper Creek is the 3rd book in the Copper Creek Cowboys Trilogy by RC Ryan.

If you've been reading this series, you know that this series is about the three sons of Bear Mackenzie:  Ash, Griff, and Whit.

And the background story is about the murder of Bear at the beginning of book 1.

Book 2 brought you the unknown son of Bear, Griff.

And book 3 is all about Whit.  The youngest son of Bear.  The one that was there after Ash had taken off.  The one that had to deal with his father's wrath and anger.

Whit is a loner.  Especially after his brother leaves.  He enjoys being up in the mountains with his own thoughts more than he does with people!!

And it's up in a small range shack that he comes across Cara Walton.  She'd taken refuge in the shack before Whit stormed in and crashed on the bed.

At first, she feeds a bunch of lies but when he finally gets the truth, he knows that she's in need of some time with his family.  There, they can protect her and help her figure things out.

So Cara comes to Mackenzie ranch, meets the whole family and ends up becoming their cook, taking some of the load that Myrna has to do!!

As Cara gets absorbed into the family, her and Whit get to know each other.  And find that they work well together.  And she finds that her confidence is building because of this family.

So when a madman comes into the house and takes her at gunpoint, the family knows that she wouldn't have been the one to betray them.

You see, prior to coming to the ranch, Cara had seen an altercation between two men and heard what they said.  As one of them started after her, she flees in her little car and ends up hiding in that ranch shack.

And of course this madman is the same one that killed Bear  in the beginning!!

Book Quote: Every Success has to start with a Dream!

So the author ties up loose ends in the storyline, makes sure that Cara finds the right dream and everyone lives happily ever after!

It's a cute story!  I finished it in one sitting.

Definitely check it out!!

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