Author R.C. Ryan

The Malloys of Montana Novels

The Malloys of Montana Series is about 3 brothers, Matt, Luke and Reed.

Each of them are living with their grandparents that they were raised in ever since their parents (Patrick and Bernie) had been killed.

While each brother helps out on the ranch, they also have their own "thing".

Matt is a businessman that has helped the ranch come into the 20th century.

Luke is a rancher by heart and by trade.  He's the one that lives and breaths the ranch and everything that happens there.

Reed is...

So book 1, Matt, is all about Matt.  When he offers Vanessa Kettering refuge, he knows his life is gonna change!

In book 2, Luke, is about well... Luke.  Right from the first glimpse of Ingrid Larson, he knows his life is about to change!!

Book 3, Reed, is about Reed.   When Ally Shaw moves into town even his prized cattle don't matter more than she does!!

There's a bunch of other characters that are worth a mention.  Gracie and Frank are their grandparents.  Yancy is the cook and helped raise the boys.

Uncle Colin is son to Grace and Frank and brother to Patrick.  He gets his story in the novella, A Cowboy's Christmas Eve.  

Their great-grandfather is called The Great One!!  And Burke is the old ranch hand that helped the boys as well.

It's a fun filled storyline packed with excellent characters.

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This series takes it one step further and finally gives Colin Malloy his story!!  Yaaaa!!

Colin is the uncle to Matt, Luke and Reed.  He has been living at the ranch helping to raise these boys.  

Now, he finally gets his chance at love!!  

This novella fits in the story line right after Reed and Ally have gotten married.

Check out the #bookdetails for this cute cowboy romance!!

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