Matt by RC Ryan

Matt by RC RyanBook 1

Matt is the 1st book in this fun and entertaining cowboy romance series, Malloys of Montana Series!

This one is about Matt.

He's the oldest of the Malloys brothers.  And he also has a protective streak when it comes to his brothers.  And even more so since his parents were killed.

There is a whole cast of characters that make this story fun and entertaining. There's the grandparents Frank and Gracie, the great-grandfather and Uncle Colin. Not to mention Yancy, the cook and Burke, the ranch hand.

True to her style of writing, she gives us great characters with an engaging plot line that leaves you on the edge of your seat waiting for the next thing to happen.

Matt is the oldest of the 3 brothers. He feels responsible for his brothers ever since his parents were killed when he was young.

Even though he's surrounded by love and support, he feels alone. He's the businessman of the ranch and makes sure that the ranch is profitable and goes into ventures that are profitable.

When his grandmother asks him to meet with the lawyer about animals' rights, he didn't anticipate Vanessa.

She is much prettier than he expected. While there is an immediate attraction, they know that she is going home.

It's only after she gets word from her father that things are not good at home. She needs to go into hiding to protect her from a client of her father's. As her life unravels, Matt steps in to help and offers to have her stay at the ranch for as long as she needs.

This is when things start to heat up. They act on the attraction and find that they are perfect for each other.

Of course there are pitfalls along the way, but it's a sweet story. The author doesn't go into details in her scenes.

Like most of her books, I would recommend anything written by this author!!

Will definitely be looking for book 2 and book 3!!

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