Author R.C. Ryan

The McCord Cousins

The McCord Cousins is about three men, cousins, that have finally come back together to live on the Lost Nugget Ranch.  The McCords have lived in Gold Fever for generations.  

This series is about Jesse McCord, Wyatt McCord, and Zane McCord.

Montana Legacy

R.C. Ryan's Montana LegacyMontana Legacy

Montana Legacy is about Jesse and Amy Parrish.

Montana Destiny

R.C. Ryan's Montana DestinyMontana Destiny

Montana Destiny is about Wyatt and Marilee Trainor.

Montana Glory

R.C. Ryan's Montana GloryMontana Glory

The 3rd book, Montana Glory, is about Zane and a new character Riley Mason.  She comes into the picture because Cal Randall, the ranch foreman, needs someone to take over the books for the ranch.  Cal would rather be out working the land.  

There is a background plot of how the cousins have taken up the task left by their grandfather of finding the lost nuggets that an ancestor had lost, when in fact someone stole them.

By the end of book 3, they have found the lost nuggets, with their grandfather's help.  All three cousins have settled their differences, found women to love and have their own happily ever after.

It is a fun, easy read.  The characters are intriguing and entertaining.  The love scenes are low in intensity and much is left to the imagination.

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