Quinn by RC Ryan

Quinn by RC RyanBook 1

Quinn is the 1st book in the Wyoming Sky Series by RC Ryan.

This series is about the Conway brothers - Quinn, Josh and Jake.

There's a background plot that happens throughout this whole series - it's the disappearance of their mother when they were very young.

As Quinn is the oldest he feels responible for his younger brothers, especially since their mother left!

Quinn is a wildlife naturalist who specializes in knowing and understanding the wolves that live in the area.  When he's not needed on the ranch, he spends days and weeks up watching and tracking his pack of wolves.

When he sees one get shot, he races to find out who would do such a thing to these animals.

What he finds instead is a rancher that not only was right to shoot the wolf, but together they saved one of her calves.

Cheyenne O'Brien is a woman alone.  After the passing of most of her family, many would think that Cheyenne would be wallowing in pity.  But instead you find a strong, resilient woman capable of standing on her own.

There have been many accidents have been happening around her.  She is starting to believe that she might the cause of them.

What she doesn't know is that evil has been lurking around for some time.

And when she offers Quinn a soft, warm bed during a blizzard, she doesn't realize how much her life will change with him in it.

When the danger forces her out of her home Quinn invites her to stay at his ranch.  There they have time to get to know each other and to realize that they might actually be the perfect match for each other!!

This is RC Ryan's style of writing!!  The damsel is in need of a safe haven and the hero offers it while welcoming her into his world.  And then the hero has time to woo her and convince her to stay!!

It's the same pattern in the Malloys of Montana Series as well.  As well as the Copper Creek Cowboys Series as well.  And yet you can read the whole series again and again and not get tired of the plot.  RC Ryan is a talented storyteller.

It's one of those stories that are enjoyable to read again and again.

Definitely worth checking out.

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