Reed by RC Ryan

Reed by RC RyanBook 3

Reed is the 3rd in the Malloys of Montana Trilogy by RC Ryan.

This series is about three brothers Matt, Luke and Reed.

Reed is the youngest of the three boys that were born to the late Patrick and Bernie Malloy.  

Matt, Luke and Reed have been living with their grandparents Frank and Grace Malloy since the untimely death of their parents.

This is a sweet and endearing story of how Reed finds his own sweet lady.

But it's also where the author ties up a whole bunch of loose ends and finally solves the deaths of Patrick and Bernie.

Ally Shaw has moved to Glacier Ridge to be closer to the only family she has left, her uncle Archer Stone.  He's the local deputy in Glacier Ridge.  He's also one that has a temper.

Ally with her young son, Kyle, plan on opening a small consignment store right in Glacier Ridge.  While taking her young son to work is mostly working, he can still get away from her.  And that is where Reed saves little Kyle from being run over and gets him safely back to his mother.

For Reed is love at first sight!!  Even though he may not recognize it himself.

For her, she has been hurt before and keeps Reed at arms length.

But Reed is persistent and keeps coming around.

And when trouble comes to Ally, he jumps in to help her.  He invites her to come and live at the ranch.  There she meets the large family and is welcomed with warm arms!!

Sorry, now I'm gonna give a spoiler!!!

All throughout this series, there has been the lingering questions regarding the deaths of Matt's, Luke's and Reed's parents.  And while the police labeled it an accident, The Great One (this is their great-grandfather) doesn't believe it was.

And he even enlists Ally's help to find out more from the video that the Great One took right after the crash.

And it's that and when Archer (the deputy and Ally's uncle) finds that young Kyle had gone into room and taken something that tips Archer over the deep end.

This is where you see how Archer was connected to the accident and what his role was in it.

So the story does tie up loose ends and completes the plot line.

The whole series are enjoyable reads!!  Definitely kept me intrigued to finish the whole series!!

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