Author R.C. Ryan 
aka Ruth Ryan Langan

Best-selling author R.C. Ryan writes contemporary and historical romance with a touch of western flare to them.  Her books are well written with simple plot lines and endearing characters.  And of course, gorgeous cowboys!!

She also goes by Ruth Ryan Langan.

She doesn't have graphic detail in her love scenes but enough that it goes with the story line and helps with the growth of the characters.  

I'm excited to read all her other books.  Check out her site.

As you can see, she writes her books in batches of 3.  Each are written well, with a bit of spunk as well as romance.  

She is a good writer.  I enjoy her books.

Click on the book series title to see details about the series as a whole.  Or click on the book covers to see #bookdetails about each book.  If there isn't a link, I haven't read it yet!

The Copper Creek Cowboys Novels

The Malloys of Montana Novels

Wyoming Sky Series

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