Angel's Peak by Robyn Carr

Angel's Peak by Robyn CarrBook 10

Angel's Peak is the 10th book in the Virgin River Series by Robyn Carr.

This story is mostly about another Riordan brother, Sean.  And the woman he left behind, Franci Duncan.

And an adorable cherub named Rosie.

This book is also about some of the other characters that live and work in Virgin River.

Like Maureen Riordan.  She embarks on a cross-country trip with George Davenport.

We also get to know Vivian Duncan, Franci's mom and grandma to Rosie.  She's been helping 

to raise Rosie and now sees a chance to go onto the stage of life herself.

Noah and Ellie (book 9) get married and buy a house in Virgin River.  

So a lot of things happen in the book.


While there is a lot that happens, a large part of the storyline is centered around Sean and Franci.  Sean has a lot to make up for and a lot to explain and a number of bridges to rebuild with Franci.

And he has to build a relationship with 4yr old Rosie.  So with the help of Noah and his family, he forges a new type of relationship.  One that he had never thought to have had.

And yes, he aims to win Franci back as well.  She was the one that got away from him all those years before.  So he works to do what he can to rebuild that too.

So the majority of the story is Sean doing what he needs to do to win Franci back and coming to terms with his new life and what it means for him and for his family.  

Because Rosie is the first grandchild for Maureen Riordan, she plays a part of the story as well.  It's fun to read!

There are sexy scenes to watch out for.  And they are detailed, with a medium intensity, and but Robyn Carr doesn't use crude words during them.

This is a great continuation to the whole Virgin River story!  It's Thanksgiving time at the end of the book, so you see the timeline and see that Robyn Carr carries each story one after the other.

Book Quote: Sean does win her back in the end, which is sweet!  Here's part of the scene where he shows Franci that he can and will love her till the end!Sean talking to Franci

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