Bring Me Home for Christmas
by Robyn Carr

Bring Me Home for Christmas by Robyn CarrBook 16

Bring Me Home for Christmas is the 16th book in the Virgin River Series by Robyn Carr.

This book is about Denny Cutler and Becca Timm.  This is a long lost love kind of story. 

Denny and Becca dated and got serious before he joined upped.  Then when his mother dies, he cuts her lose and heads out because he doesn't know what else to do.

So now, several years later, Becca comes to find Denny to get some closure and to find some answers as to why.

Denny showed up in Virgin River looking for his father (book 14).  From his mother, he finds out that his father was someone different then he first thought.  It turns out that Jack isn't his dad, but he comes to like Virgin River and working with Jillian, so he sticks around.

And that's where Becca comes in.  She's Denny's long lost love.  Denny "let her go" because he wasn't going to burden her with him going to Iraq. 

So when she hears that he'll be in Virgin River, she invites herself along with her brother (who happens to be his friend).  She is determined to get some answers.

What she didn't expect was falling out of the truck and breaking her ankle.  But this does cause them to have to spend some actual time together.  And they not only mend each other's hearts, they also realize that they are meant to be together.  And that Virgin River is the place they would like to do that.

You also get to see some of the other characters along the way. 

Becca hangs out at Jack's bar when Denny is working so she meets Paige and Preacher with their children.  And because she is a teacher, she migrates to the children and ends up helping them put on a little nativity.

And there's one child that steals her heart!!

With Becca being stuck in Virgin River, she gets to see why Denny loves it and what makes him happy.

Jack even dangles a new school in front of her.  And finally she gets it!! She gets why this town is so awesome.  And then she and Denny decide to stay in town and she becomes the new school teacher for the younger grades that have to travel so far in the valley!

So it's a well-crafted and thought provoking Christmas story that is just a fun and easy read.

There's no violence, no bad language, sexual or otherwise.  There is one sex scene to watch for, but there's no real details to it.

It's just a sweet and tender Christmas read!  Definitely an added bonus to the whole Virgin River Series!!

2015 book cover for Bring Me Home for Christmas by Robyn Carr2015 Book Cover for Bring Me Home for Christmas

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