The Chance by Robyn Carr

The Chance by Robyn CarrBook 4

The Chance by Robyn Carr is the 4th book in the Thunder Point Series.

This story is Laine and Eric.  And the chance that they give each other to actually be happy and loved.

Laine Carrington is the FBI agent that was undercover in the cult that Devon was in in book 3.  Laine had been shot during the final parts of that case and chose to come to Thunder Point to recover.

Eric Gentry is bio dad to Ashely James (daughter to Gina, she married Mac in book 2)

When a business opportunity came up to own a small garage in Thunder Point, Eric took a chance so he could get to know Ashley more.

Laine and Eric meet through Gina and Mac (book 2) and Cooper (book 1).

They hit it off really quick but have a lot of issues to work with.

Things like how she's an FBI agent and how she doesn't tell Eric right away.  And the fact that she's on leave and what she plans on doing after.

And then the issues with her father come up and she is torn as to what she plans on doing about it.

And true to Robyn Carr writing, this series is also about the other characters that live and work in Thunder Point.

You get to know Pax, Laine brother and the situation there.

Then her dad shows up and that brings in a whole new dynamic to the storyline, both to the plot as well as to the characters.

Then as you get to know Eric, you get to know Mac, Gina and Ashely and all of their ins and out of learning to be a large family.

You meet Justin, a high school kid that works for Eric.  He's in a tough spot with his brothers and their situation looks bleak.

But it's his friend Al Michel that steps in to help the boys.  So you get to know Al and what he's gone through.  And while he's saying in Virgin River he starts seeing Ray Anne Dysart.  She's the real estate agent that is reluctant friends with Lou McCain.

You find out that Lou McCain, she's Mac's aunt that helped to raise the kids.  And that she gets married and has a life of her own.

So you can see the Thunder Point Series is not just about the main character but about the community as a whole.  

This book is an entertaining and enjoyable read that is all about life.  Robyn Carr is a talented writer.  There aren't a lot of details to the sexy scenes that you need to worry about, some but not lots. 

Definitely worth check out the whole series.

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