Forbidden Falls by Robyn Carr

Forbidden Falls by Robyn CarrBook 9

Forbidden Falls is the 9th book in the Virgin River Series by Robyn Carr.

This is  Noah Kincaid's and Ellie Baldwin's story.

So in book 7, Hope McCrea bought the church and put it for sale up on Ebay!!!

And Noah Kincaid, a minister just starting out, bought it from her.

He uses his own money to fix it up.

But he needs an assistant for everything from cleaning and renovating to eventually be the secretary of the church.

And that's where Ellie Baldwin comes in.  She is a whirlwind personality, brassy, spunky and gorgeous! 

Noah is hesitant to give her the job, but she has all the qualifications that he needs, and when he hears her story, he gives her the chance.

So what follows is a tender romance about how appearances aren't always what they seem.

Ellie comes with some big problems though.  Her ex-husband has declared her unfit to be a mother to her two kids and the judge took it upon himself to take them away from her.

So she's in a battle of her life to fight for her kids.  Noah not only helps her get her kids back but also falls for her in the process.

So while they are working to get the kids back, others help them.  Brie becomes their lawyer.  And they fix up the church to look beautiful.  

Noah also takes it upon himself to intruduce himself to the community as well as the surrounding communities.

This book is not only about Noah and Ellie, it's also about Paul and Vanni.

Paul Haggarty gets word that his old girlfriend's lawyer wants to see him.  She named him guardian to her infant daughter.  And sadly, she was killed in an freak accident.  

Paul impulsively brings this small little girl home, Hannah, without talking to Vanni first. 

So for the rest of the story, Vanni and Paul have to decide if they are going to keep the child.  Vanni stuggles to bond with a baby that she didn't give birth to.  It's very tender and well written.

Forbidden Falls by Robyn Carr2014 Book Cover for Forbidden Falls

RC does a great job of going through this process in their relationship.  From fear to anger to finally acceptance.  It's a nice in-depth view into who Paul and Vanni are!!

Luke and Shelby (book 6) plan their wedding.  They ask Noah to perform the wedding.  The opening of the church was Noah's debut!!

You also meet George Davenport.  He's Noah's mentor and best friend.  He's an older gentlemen and is retired from being a reverend.  

He takes an interest in Maureen Riordan.  And after a lot of convincing, she goes on a date with him. 

Of course, there are sex scenes to what out for.  There are only a couple.  Because Noah is a minister, they battle their feelings for quite some time.  Until he convinces her that she should take a chance on him.

They also have to deal with the whole custody issue that Ellie is up against.  As she is waiting for the court date, you see other characters come into play.  Brie is her lawyer so you see how she and Paul are doing.

This is a great continuation to this series!  Definitely worth reading!

Fun Graphic with book quote from Forbidden Falls by Robyn Carr.  I found a picture that was almost exactly the same as the book cover and couldn't resist making a graphic for the book!!!

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