The Hero by Robyn Carr

The Hero by Robyn CarrBook 3

The Hero is the 3rd book in the Thunder Point Series by Robyn Carr.

This book picks up really closely where book 2 left off following the characters that are a part of Thunder Point.

This one adds more to the list.

In book 2, Cooper gets a call from Spencer Lawson saying that his old ex-fiancee needs to talk with him.  And he gets the surprise of a lifetime!!

Spencer moves to Thunder Point for Austin to be closer to Cooper.  And takes the job as the athletic director at the local school.  

One day, Rawley is driving to work at the beach bar that Cooper owns, he picks up a young lady and her small daughter walking along the road.  This happens to be Devon and little Mercy.  Rawley "adopts" her and Mercy.

Devon is escaping a local cult group where she was being held captive.  She escaped wtih the help of Laine (you'll meet her in book 4).

As Devon gets her life back and learns to rely upon other people, her and Spencer get to know each other.

You also get to know Rawley and who he was and who he is now!!

Devon starts working for Scott Grant, the local doctor that has opened a small office in Thunder Point.  So you get to know Scott as well.  He really wants to move forward in his life.  He gets his story in book 5.

As Devon's and Spencer's romance deepens, there are a few hickups along the way.  But in the end they do make it work!! 

But this book is also about the people of Thunder Point.

You get to know Rawley, Cooper and Sarah, Mac and Gina and all of the other characters that are related to what is happening to Devon and Spencer.

Cooper and Sarah talk to a developer to see about some of the land around the bar.  He wants to build a house for Sarah and then sell off a few others.  They also start planning a family.

Mac and Gina got married in book 2 and join their houses.  So you see how they are adjusting to being a large family.

Spencer helps Devon to adjust to being in normal life and helps her to feel secure.  Spencer gets to know the boys on the football team, that includes Landon, Sarah's little bro.

You get to know more about Lou McCain and her friend Joe.  There's also Ray Anne Dysart.  She's an interesting character.  Even Ashley's bio dad comes into the picture.

This book just carries on the stories of all the lives of the characters that live in Thunder Point.  

There's one scene that you need to watch for.  It is very mild.

Overall, this is an entertaining story that pulls you in and has you falling in love with all the wonderful characters that live and work in Thunder Point.

Book Quote from The Hero.  This is when Spencer admits to Devon that he wants to be with her.Spencer talking to Devon

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