Hidden Summit by Robyn Carr

Hidden Summit by Robyn CarrBook 17

Hidden Summit is book 17 in the Virgin River Series by Robyn Carr.

This book brings in some new characters.  

Because Brie (book 3) is an attorney, and still connected to her past life before Virgin River, when she hears about a witness that needs a safe haven, she steps in and has Connor Danson to come to Virgin River.

Hence the title, Hidden Summit.

Leslie Petruso is also hiding, sort of.  She was in a sticky situation with her ex-husband and is offered a job with Paul Haggarty (book 5).  

So they both are hiding in Virgin River because of things that have happened to them.

Connor's witnessed a murder and the guy who did it has it out for him.

Leslie's ex wants to be best friends despite the fact that he left her for another woman.

Connor ends up working for Paul as a carpenter and meets Leslie.  And while they don't hit it off right away, they end up finding something in each other that they both need.

So the majority of the storyline is them getting to know each other.  Granted Connor can't tell her certain things because his in protective custody. Eventually he does, because he wants a future with Leslie.

As they get to know each other, he finds that he needs to be the one in control of his life not the other way around.

And true to this series, you find out about other characters as well.

Because Conner is new to the storyline, he also brings in characters that he's connected to.  He's in constant contact with his sister, Katie.  Due to being put into protective custody, they are across the country from each other till Connor has a chance to testify against the bad guy!  As you get to know Connor, you get to know Katie and her twin boys.

She gets her own story in book 18, Redwood Bend.

You meet Dan Brady again.  He's been working for Paul and is now foreman.  It's nice to see this character.

The Virgin River School gets finished and Becca (book 16) begins teaching all the little kids.

Dan and Cheryl, if you remember, she was the town drunk and he was the one that used to be the drug dealer.  Gotta love how characters can grow and change!!  Just like life!

You meet Nora again.  She's the young mother stranded in Virgin River and town rallied around her to help her out.  She gets her story in book 19.

Walt Arneson comes riding into town.  He's part of the next book's storyline!

Gotta love how Robyn Carr connects all the books with a scene here or there to introduce more characters.

She weaves all the old characters around the new ones and makes it seem like normal everyday stuff.  She is a very talented writer.

Here's another book cover I found for Hidden Summit, book 17 in the Virgin River Series.Another Book Cover for Hidden Summit
Book Quote for Hidden SummitConnor talking with Leslie

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