Moonlight Road by Robyn Carr

2010 Book Cover for Moonlight Road by Robyn CarrBook 11

Moonlight Road is the 11th book in the Virgin River Series by Robyn Carr.

While this book does focus on the two main characters, it also carries on the stories of quite a few of the beloved characters that we have come to love and adore.

The main characters for this book are Erin Foley and Aiden Riordan.

She is sister to Marcie (book 4) and Aiden is brothers to Luke (book 6), Sean (book 10), Colin (book 14) and finally Patrick (book 20).

So there is a large portion of this series that is now about the Riordan family.  And are they ever growing!!!

So first Erin and Aiden.

Erin has come to Virgin River to relax and have a vacation.  She had Paul Haggarty (book 5) redo the small cabin that her sister Marcie and Ian fell in love in completely redone. 

And it's while she's there that Aiden walks by and scares the crap out of her causing her to knocks her head and lose consciousness.

Aiden, who happens to be a doctor, rushes to her aid.

But because he has a full beard and long hair, she thinks he's homeless and a vagrant. LOL!

Erin is a tax laywer and is forcing herself to have a vacation.  She is going through empty-nest syndrome.  Marcie and Drew (book 12) have finally moved out and she is left all alone.

Aiden, a practicing OG-BYN, decided to retire from the navy and become a civilian.  He came to Virgin River to be with Luke and Shelby as they are expecting their first child.  They have a boy by the way.

So lots happens in this book, it's not just about Erin and Aiden.

Marcie, Erin's sister, has gotten married to Ian, and is now expecting their first baby.  Erin wants to be there for her.

Mel and Jack start having problems.  She wants to find a surrogate (she had Emma in book 5 and then hemorrhaged losing her uterus) to have a third baby but Jack doesn't want to.  RC does a great job with this relationship and you feel their pain.

You meet Phil and Darla and how they have had way too many miscarriages and the toll it's taking on them.  And even though she's breaking her own heart, Mel introduces them to a young couple that want to find a good home for the child they're carrying.

What's fun is that you get to know all the Riordan clan.  Sean and Franci have gotten married and making plans together.

Maureen (Aiden's mom) and George (Noah's mentor and friend (book 9)) decide that they are going to travel together in their high tech RV.  Quite a shock as their mother was old-fashioned and prudish!!!  Maureen is getting on with her life as she now sees that all of her boys are finally getting hitched!

But of course, the biggest story is about Aiden and Erin.  

2014 Book Cover for Moonlight Road by Robyn Carr2014 Book Cover for Moonlight Road

Aiden's psychotic ex-wife makes an appearance in a big way.  She's a con artist and tries to take Aiden for another ride.  She almost convinces Erin that Aiden is not worth her time.  But it's Aiden's sincerity and genuine goodness that she sees and trusts.

RC does a good job portraying each of their personalities and how they grow with each of these different situations.

This is a great continuation to the Virgin River stories.  I enjoyed it all over again.  I enjoyed seeing how previous characters were doing and how they were growing! 

RC does a great job of sharing the mundane everyday part of life and makes it interesting and entertaining!

Fun graphic for Moonlight Road with book quote: Sometimes only your heart can show you the way!

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