A New Hope by Robyn Carr

A New Hope by Robyn CarrBook 8

A New Hope by Robyn Carr is the 8th book in the Thunder Point Series.  

This is a tender and poignant story about finding a new hope after losing a precious child.

That's what happened to Ginger.  She lost her baby when he was just an infant.

This story picks up right after book 7 when all the characters are at Peyton's and Scott's wedding at the Lacoumette farm.

Matt Lacoumette makes a drunk spectacal of himself in from of Ginger.

And then he comes to Thunder Point to apologize to Ginger.  He also comes to see his sister, Peyton.

Matt lives and breathes the farm.  He is dedicated to seeing it grow.  And he lost his first wife because she couldn't handle the hours that Matt devoted to the farm.

Ginger was in a bad relationship, ended up pregnant, had the baby and then lost that baby.  And losing that baby sent her into an emotional depression.  You meet her in book 7 when she comes to be with her auntie Ray Anne.  You remember Ray Anne.  She's the only realtor in Thunder Point and dresses like a teenager.  But over the course of the book series, she becomes an intregal part of the characters.

So the majority of the storyline, Ginger and Matt are getting to know each other.  In a non-threatening manner.  Something that Matt can't handle at the beginning.

But because Ginger is finally pulling herself out of her distress, she is making Matt realize that there are things that he just might want in a future.

And true to Robyn Carr's style of writing, you read about other characters and how they are doing as well.

Lin Su Simmons comes to work as a personal nurse for Winnie Banks.  She gets her own story in book 9.

You read how the characters are growing and evolving.   There are several that become pregnant and some that move on in their lives.

This is a great continuation to the whole series of Thunder Point.  It is just about life.  How we all have to deal with life and what it dishes out for us.

I enjoyed this particular book.  It was very motivating to read about the hope that Ginger found, not only in herself but also in the relationship that she found with Matt.

Each of the characters had to grow and become more and this is enjoyable series to read.

Don't forget to read the final book, book 9, Wildest Dreams.

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