The Newcomer by Robyn Carr

The Newcomer by Robyn CarrBook 2

The Newcomer by Robyn Carr is book 2 in the Thunder Point Series.

It's called newcomer because Cooper, from book 1 is no longer just visiting Thunder Point.  He's here to stay.  Now he just has to convince Sarah to stay too.

This story is also about Mac and Gina.  They finally realized that they were meant for each other in book 1.

This book is really just a continuation of book 1, not really about one particular couple.

This book is about Mac and Gina.  It's about Cooper and Sarah.  It's about Gina's daughter, Ashley and everything that happens to her.  It's about Landon and Eve.

So far this series is about the small town of Thunder Point and the people that live and work there.  

The main couple of the story is Mac and Gina.  They've finally come together and plan to make their situation more permanent.  But Cee Jay shows up and puts a crink in their lives.  She's the mother to Mac's three kids, Eve, Ryan and Dee Dee.  

There's Cooper and Sarah.  Cooper has finally decided to stay in Thunder Point and he's made the bait shop into a snack shop right on the beach.  

Then things happen with Gina's daughter Ashley.  That's emotional and touching.  While Landon, Sarah's brother, hooks up with Eve, Mac's daughter.

Gina connects up with Ashley's biological father and brings him back into her life.

Then Cooper finds out that he actually has a son.  That causes a bit of a stir.  That brings in Spencer Lawson to town.  He ends up staying so Cooper can get to know Austin and takes over the coaching position at the high school.  He gets his story in the next book, book 3.

Robyn Carr does a good job of mixing and matching all these different characters in the storyline.  But there isn't one that is more prominent than another.

Mac and Gina do get married. 

Here's the new book cover for this book, reissued Jan 2018.

The sensuality level for this whole series is very low.

2018 Book Cover for The Newcomer2018 Book Cover for The Newcomer
Book Quote: Sometimes you learn your best lessons when you add up all your losses. This is when Eric is talking with Ashley.

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