One Wish by Robyn Carr

One Wish by Robyn CarrBook 7

One Wish is the 7th book in the Thunder Point Series by Robyn Carr.

You will find that books 7, 8 and 9 follow each other really closely in timeframe and events.

This book is about Grace Dillon and who she is and why she came to Thunder Point to live.

And it's also about Troy Headly.  He's the high school history teacher that happens to be a complete daredevil and loves to do all sorts of sports and activities.

He appoints himself to being Grace's fun coach.

And it's while they are spending time together that they get to know each other and we get to know them.

Grace is actually Isabella Grace Dillon Banks.  A very successful ice skater.  She came to Thunder Point after she retired from competition.  So noone knows who she really is and it's a surprise to everyone.

When she came to Thunder Point, she bought the small flower shop from Iris McKinley (book 6).  You first meet Grace in that book.

Iris and Troy know each other through their friends Iris, Seth, Cooper and Sarah.  And of course all the other characters.

So this story is not only about Grace and Troy but also about the community as a whole as well.

As Grace and Troy get to know each other, he finds out that she was a professional ice skater.

Troy works for Cooper part time, so you see all those characters as well again.  Cooper and Sarah have been expanding on the bay, building houses that some of the characters eventually buy.

Grace's mother happens to be one of them.  Grace and her mother had a falling out over Grace quiting and hadn't spoken for several years.  Now, Winnie Banks has come to mend fences with her daughter.  

Grace's and Winnie's relationship takes a chunk of the plotline.  Winnie has ALS and is unable to take care of herself anymore.  So Grace steps in and has her move to Thunder Point.  Grace buys a plot from Cooper and has a house set up for her right beside Spencer and Devon on the beach near the Cooper's.  

Ginger Dysart joins the storyline in this book.  She gets her own book in book 8, but you find out that she has gone through some real difficulties of her own.  She's Ray Anne's niece and comes to stay with her aunt.  Ginger also ends up working for Grace in the flower shop when Grace needs more time to dedicate to her ailing mother.

Becca and Denny Cutler from book 16, Bring Me Home for Christmas in the Virgin River Series come to visit!!!  That's fun to see what they are up to.

So you can see that this is just a great continuation of the whole community, of the people that have come to call Thunder Point home.

There are very little details in this last few books.  It's just about life.  About how hard things can be.  Dealing with the lost of a child or the ailing health of a parent.  Robyn Carr has taken the difficulties of life and made them into a storyline that is enjoyable to read and enjoy.

This is a book, a whole series that can be read again and again.

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