Paradise Valley by Robyn Carr

Paradise Valley by Robyn CarrBook 7

Paradise Valley is book 7 in the Virgin River Series by Robyn Carr.

I can't say that this book is about one particular couple and their romance, because it is about several different people and about the town as a whole.

I think the book is called Paradise Valley because paradise is being found in the valley!!

The story begings with Walt Booth.  He has been getting to know Muriel St. Claire since she came to Virgin River.  Now things really heat up between them.  

It's fun to see that love can be found even when you're in your 50s and 60s!!

The man they call Shady Brady shows up and introduces himself as Dan Brady and looking for a legit job.  Paul Haggarty gives him a chance in his construction company.

He then starts a friendship with Cheryl Crieghton.  She has been the town drunk since the beginning of the series.  And in book 6, Mel gets her into a detox center and Cheryl becomes a new woman.

And when Dan rents her little house from her, they start hanging out.  Oh, her mother passes away and Cheryl doesn't want to live in the house anymore, so when she asks Jack to watch out for it, Dan just happened to be standing there and needed a place.  So it was a match made in heaven!!  They also get their own story in book 10.

This is also Cameron's and Abby's story.  She is a friend of Vanni's from her flying days and had one night with Cameron when Joe and Nikki got married. 

Well, that left her pregnant with twins.  She comes to Virgin River to hide from her terrible ex and runs into Cameron.

Cameron had come to Virgin River to be the new town doctor after Old Doc Mullins died in book 6.  Cameron needed a change of pace and found a whole lot more.

Because of the situation with Abby's ex, they become friends first and that develops into a sweet romance.

Then there's the whole thing with Lizzy and Rick.  Rick has since come home from Iraq, wounded in body and spirit.  He lost his leg and has a humungous chip on his shoulder.  But it's when he treats Liz badly in front of everyone that Dan steps in.

I think this is my favorite scene in the whole series. 

Dan follows Rick outside.  He doesn't let Jack intervene, but shows Rick that life can go on.  Dan takes off his own prosthetic and shows him that life doesn't end when you lose a leg and you can accomplish things - if you want to.  Like he said, you can get better on purpose!!  But first he had to make it right with Lizzy.

So this particular book was about the people as a whole.  About the people of Virgin River and how life goes on despite the difficulties that life dishes out.

Yes, there were sexy scenes with each couple.  Not overly detailed but there.  Fit with the plot line and the growth of the characters.

But really this book was about life.  About how life can bring you really sour lemons and its up to you to make something out of it.

And definitely recommend this whole series to read again and again.

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