The Promise by Robyn Carr

The Promise by Robyn CarrBook 5

The Promise is the 5th book in the Thunder Point Series by Robyn Carr.

This story is about Scott Grant and Peyton Lacoumette.

Scott is the town doctor and you meet him right near the beginning of the series.  And you see him as being the romantic of the bunch.  He's the one that has been wanting to get married right from the get-go.

He tried with Gina in book 2.  He tried with Devon in book 3.  And now he finally gets a chance, but not with the one that he thought he would!!  Makes for a fun storyline.

Peyton Lacoumette is looking for a change of pace.  So she applied for the job opening at the clinic with Scott.  She's a physician's assistant.

Peyton is a wonderful diverse character that is added to the Thunder Point characters.  She is Basque and her family has a very successful farm several hours from Thunder Point.  

So as you get to know her, you get to know her culture and her family.  Her brother, Matt, comes to Thunder Point to fix a mistake that he makes.  His story is book 8.

Peyton is more than qualified to be an assistant for Scott.  She just doesn't want to be his servant and housekeeper and babysitter as well.

Due to her last job, where she fell in love with the doctor, then found that she was doing everything for him, including taking care of his ignorant children, she is beyond relcutant to become a part of Scott's personal life.

So of course, that's where the storyline takes them.  Emergencies happen and she is left to take care of Scott's two small children.  What she expects and what she finds are very different.

As she gets to know Scott and his kids, she finds that he is nothing like her previous relationship.  And the kids, though young, are pretty good at being self-sufficient.

She also gets to know Devon and Spencer and their kids.  Along with Cooper and Sarah and Austin.

So you once again meet all the characters of Thunder Point and how they are doing.

The romance between Peyton and Scott is slow and steady.  He meets her family and enjoys time at the farm.

And of course, her past comes back to haunt her.  And that brings all those characters into the storyline.

There are sexy scenes to deal with.  They are a bit detailed but crudely done, which is nice.

You also see that life is moving on for the people of Thunder Point.  Some have graduated from high school.  Others have gotten married.  Still others are building houses and making a life.

This is a great addition to the over all storyline of the series.  And while there is no nefarious plot of the whole series, it is still a great series to read and enjoy.

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