Return to Virgin River by Robyn Carr

Return to Virgin River is the 21st book in the very popular Virgin River book series by Robyn Carr.

Return to Virgin River by Robyn CarrBook 21

Book Details

You'll actually find on Goodreads that this book is also labeled as book 19, but that's because Goodreads numbers books just a little different that Amazon.

This book takes us back to the small town of Virgin River and Jack and Mel!!

There's several classifications for this book: small town and rural fiction, domestic life in women's fiction and holidays romance.

Please know that this is a fun contemporary romance about another wonderful character that comes to Virgin River!!

This is also a new release, published in October of 2020.

There's only one love scene to be aware of in this story.  Detailed but not.  

This is just a feel good romance about Kaylee Sloan, someone who's been to Virgin River before and has come back!

I found another book cover for this book, but it happens to be for the UK, whereas the one above is the hardcover, Kindle and Audiobook cover for this story.

There's one love scene to watch out for, not detailed but detailed.

Return to Virgin River by Robyn Carr, this is the UK Kindle Edition for 2020UK Kindle Edition 2020

This story is classified a contemporary romance.  Amazon has it also as small town and rural fiction, domestic life in women's fiction and holidays romance.

The timeframe for this story is a bit different than the rest of the series.  The majority of the books in this series had a very small timeframe for the duration of the story, so that if you look back at the book series page, you'll see that the whole series follows a time line and every fourth book is a Christmas book.

This one is also classified as a Christmas book, but the timeline of the story is not just at Christmas.  This one's timeframe is a huge chunk of the year following the main character's mother's death and yes, that also includes Christmas.

Book Summary

Kaylee lost her mother.  This loss has left her completely stricken with grief.  And that's affecting not only her mental self but also her work.  With bad writer's block and unable to face the daily memories in her home that she shared with her mom, she heads to a friend's cabin, not knowing that her life was about to change.

Instead of finding a place of solitude, she finds a house in ruins from a fire.

She heads to Jack's bar and finds good food and new friends that're willing to help her find another place to heal.

And that's how she ends up being Landry Moore's tenant, renting a small house beside his larger house.

They begin a easy friendship that gradually blossoms to more.  And this is where the story shifts to show that these two are meant for each other as they learn to adjust and change and heal from past wounds in order to be together.

Together Kaylee and Landry help each other.

Kaylee has a huge fear of dogs due to an accident when she was younger.  Landry is a dog trainer.  Together, he teaches her how a dog can be a companion and helpful not hurtful.

She opens up his eyes to love again.  But he's got to get a divorce first!!!

He's made a life for himself in Virgin River, a local artist and dog trainer, he's found peace in the simple living of Virgin River.

Kaylee finds the drive to write again by writing about herself, creating a fictional story about what she's going thru and how to navigate issues.

But she also has to write the story that she's been contracted to do.  So not only does she write the story she came to write, she also writes another.

And the story does end happily ever after!  They work together and figure things out and learn to compromise and to heal.

We even get a glimpse of some of the other wonderful characters that live and work in Virgin River.  And some even play a small role in this story.


This story is just another great example of the stories about life in a small town that are reminiscent of this series.

Yes, this story is very similar to the rest of the series.  I did find that there wasn't as many other story lines along this main storyline that happens to this series.  The majority of the story is about Kaylee and Landry with a smattering of others coming in.

I did enjoy this story.  I've enjoyed this whole series.

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