Second Chance Pass by Robyn Carr

Second Chance Pass by Robyn Carrbook 5

Second Chance Pass is book 5 in the Virgin River Series by Robyn Carr.

This book follows book 3 closer than it does book 4.  Although it does follow the timeline.

Book 5 is about Paul and Vanessa.

Paul Haggarty is one of Jack's marine buddies and has been coming to Virgin River to fish and hunt since Jack moved there.

Vanessa (Vanni) Rutledge came to Virgin River to live with her dad and brother in her advanced pregnancy.  

She stayed in Virgin River after her husband died in Iraq and was buried.

Her husband Matt and Paul were best friends.  And the loss of Matt has been hard on all of them.

Especially when Paul fell in love with Vanni when they first met her.  He stepped aside for his friend.  So when Matt dies, Paul takes his sweet time letting Vanni know that he could be so much more.

So the majority of the story is Paul showing Vanni that he wants to be with her and that he loves her.  There are things that happen that get in the way but Paul steps up and fights for Vanni and shows her a side of himself that she hadn't seen before.  A side that she likes.

But it's a fight for his life and for his sanity.  And with so many obstacles in his way, you would think they wouldn't finally make it.  But in the end they finally tie the knot and have a small wedding at the end of the book.

But this story is also about the people of Virgin River.  This story is not just focused on the two main characters.

You meet Walt Booth and his son Tom again.  Walt is Vanni's father.  Tom is a young kid that grows up in the last two stories and he falls for Brenda.  Him and Brenda get hot and heavy together.  He plans to enlist, following in his father's footsteps.  Walt's a retired general.

In book 3, you find out that Mel is pregnant again.  She has the baby, a girl, in this book.  But there are complications and they almost lose Mel.  It's a very touching scene and you get to know Jack all over again.

Rick comes back to Virgin River on leave.  He has grown up and become a man!  He still has the hots for Lizzy even though she's still in high school.  They have gone through he** together and have come out on top.  I think of all the characters in this entire series, this couple is my favorite.  What they go thru and what they accomplish is mind blogging!!

Paige and Preacher have a baby girl.  I loved seeing a large man like Preacher to fall to his knees for his little daughter.  That was very touching.

You meet Shelby.  She is Walt's neice and comes to Virgin River right at the end of the book.  Her story is in book 6!!

Then there's Joe, another marine buddy.  He comes for the wedding and gets hooked on Nikki.  And while there was a huge misunderstanding between them, they finally work it out.

This book just continues life as they know it in Virgin River.  Life problems that everyone faces.  Things like: meddling in each other's lives; marriage problems; birthing stories; building of new houses; growing older and all that entails; but most importantly it's the love that each of these couples feel for the women in their lives.

Yes, there are sex scenes.  They are somewhat detailed but not horribly so.  RC doesn't use crude language or nasty details that make it hard to read.  She is adept at sharing the love that the couples feel for each other.

While this story can stand on it's own, you understand more of the back story when you have taken the time to read the first 4 books in the series.  This particular book does build on the first 3 books in this series.

I am thouroughly enjoying reading this series all over again!!

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