Shelter Mountain by Robyn Carr

Shelter Mountain by Robyn CarrBook 2

Shelter Mountain by Robyn Carr is book 2 in the Virgin River Series.

This book picks up right after book 1, except now it is in Preacher's and Paige's perspective.

Preacher, otherwise known as John Middleton, is Jack's right hand man, co-owner and the resident cook at Jack's Bar!

Preacher is a big man and intimidates most people.  But what you find out is that he is a softy on the inside.

So when Paige and her young son, Christopher, comes knocking on the bar door, he invites her in and gives her refuge.

What he finds out almost breaks his heart.  She is running from an abusive husband and she has the bruises to prove it.

So with the help of Mel, she gets some medical help she needs and from Preacher, she finds a love that she's always wanted.

Preacher takes it upon himself to not only protect Paige, but also to become the man in little Christopher's life.  They both begin to blossom through the book.

And with the help of the whole community of Virgin River, Paige is rescued, then saved again from her now ex-husband.  It was scary how the ex kept coming and coming!  And endearing how the town stood behind her to help her and Christopher.

It's a sweet and tender story about finding a love in the unlikeliest of places.

This story is also about other characters too.

There's Lizzy and Rick.  They struggle with being so young and being pregnant.  Then they lose the baby.  So very tragic.  I cried along with them:(

Jack and Mel have a baby boy and because of circumstances, Jack delivers him!!  Was very touching.

You get to know Brie Sheridan.  She is dealing with a high profile case she's working on and comes to Virgin River to help with her new nephew.  She hits it off with Mike Valenzuela.

Mike's in Virgin River to recoup from being shot in the line of duty.  He's hiding from his very large, very Mexican family!!

Then there's Shady Brady.  He's instrumental in finding Paige after her ex kidnapped her!  He gets his own story in book ??.

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