Sunrise Point by Robyn Carr

Sunrise Point by Robyn CarrBook 19

Sunrise Point is the 19th book in the Virgin River Series by Robyn Carr.

While this is connected to the Virgin River characters, this story is mostly about Tom and Nora.

Tom Cavanaugh is a local that has finally come to his family's orchard to help out and eventually take over.

Nora Crane is a single mother with two small girls that you first met in book 16.  She then stayed in Virgin River as she had no one and had no where to go.

At the local apple orchard, Tom needs extra hands to make the harvest.  Nora applies for the job and while she may be small in size, she's desperate enough to make it work.

And it's while she is working for Tom that they get to know each other.  Tom fights the attraction for most of the storyline and compares Nora to someone he is trying to get to know. 

This makes for tons of the storyline.  Darla is the perfect lady for him, in every way except for what his heart wants.  Darla's character doesn't help the situation.  But she is not the type that would work on a working farm.

But in the end he sees the error of his ways and finally decides that Nora is the one that is going to fill his heart.

So while the majority of the storyline deals with Nora and Tom and their romance, you do hear about other Virgin River characters.

You meet Nora's father she didn't know she had.  It's through Noah that she is finally able to connect with him.

You also meet Hank Cooper, aka Cooper.  He is the main character in The Wanderer, book 1 in the Thunder Point Series.

There are no sexy scenes until right at near the end.  And there isn't much to the scene anyway.  So crude words are used.

It takes a lot for Tom and Nora to finally be together.  Tom has to do a lot of convincing.  

It's a cute story.  I enjoyed it.  

Book Quote: Tom talking to Nora

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