Virgin River by Robyn Carr

Virgin River by Robyn CarrBook 1

Virgin River by Robyn Carr is the 1st book in her Virgin River Series!!

This series is about the small mountain community of Virgin River.  So small if you blink, you might pass it!

Jack Sheridan and his bar are the center of the whole series and the beginning of a great community!

And when Melinda Munroe come to town, he knows that things are about to change.

This story is about Jack and Mel.

He's the owner of Jack's bar and she is the nurse practitioner and midwife that comes to Virgin River because of a job offer.  What she finds is not what she expected but she ends up working with old Doc Mullins anyway.

This is a great beginning to a well written story.

Mel decides that Virgin River isn't for her and then finds an abandoned baby sitting on the porch of the clinic.  Then she decides to stay.

Then Jack becomes the rock she relies upon in times of need.

The whole story is them getting to know each other, learning to rely upon each other, learning who each of them and what they want from each other.

This isn't a fast moving story.  You get to know Jack and Mel.  But you also get to know others living in this community.

And there are a ton of characters that are intruduced, ones that come into play later and many that have their own books.

First there's Preacher, he's Jack's buddy, co-owner of the bar, and served under Jack in the marines.  He's the resident cook for the bar.  His story is book 2.

You meet all of Jack's buddies from the marine core.  There's Mike (book 3), and Paul (book 5).  And a few others that don't have stories of their own.

Or Cheryl, the town drunk, finally gets sober and gets her own story in book 7.

You also meet Lizzy and Rick.  She's 14yrs and he's 16yrs.  And they get pregnant.  So very young.  But you see Rick stand by her through it all.

There is no tragic event or incident in the plot line, the whole story is just about life.  Life in the country and what it has to offer.  And sometimes that is down right scary!!!

So, Robyn Carr takes the mundane everyday things that happen in life and makes them interesting and entertaining.  Along with sad and meaningful.

There are several sex scenes that you will read.  They are tastefully done and part of the plot line.  But RC doesn't go into detail in each scene either.  

This whole series is enjoyable and re-readable! 

And book 1 is just as entertaining as book 6 or book 10!!

The first several books follow each other closely, then after that they are just connected because of Jack's bar.

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