What We Find by Robyn Carr

What We Find by Robyn CarrBook 1

What We Find is the 1st book in the Sullivan's Crossing Series by Robyn Carr!!

She's a talented storyteller!  

This first book is about Maggie Sullivan.  She's a neurosurgeon that is about to burn out!!

And her life is in shambles.

So she head to Sullivan's Crossing and her father, Sully for some rest and hopefully relaxation!!

What she gets is not what she was expecting.

Sullivan's Crossing is a pace that's at the crossroads of the Colorado and the Continental Divide Trails.  Many interesting and eccentric people pass through on their way to the next trail.

Maggie has come back to help her father, Sully.

And he needs it, especially after he as a heart attack.

And Cal steps to help as well.

She's not what she was expecting nor does she know what to do with him!!

So true to Robyn Carr's style of writing, you get wrapped in these people's lives.  All of their mundane, boring normalcy and makes you feel like you are a part of them!

It's just as good at her Virgin River Series or her Thunder Point Series!!

She also includes some really good quotes that add richness to the story line!

Here's one for you:

Book Quote!!

It was an easy, fun read!!  Definitely one to read again and again!

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