Whispering Rock by Robyn Carr

Whispering Rock by Robyn CarrBook 3

Whispering Rock by Robyn Carr is the 3rd book in the Virgin River Series.

This book is closely connected to book 1 and book 2 of this series.  It follows right after in timeline.

This book is about Miguel (Mike) Valenzuela and Brie Sheridan.  Mike is a marine buddy of Jack's and Brie is his younger sister.

This one is sadder than some of them others but still very entertaining and interesting.

Brie is a Sacramento prosecutor, who just lost this biggest case of her carreer, is assualted by the man that went free.  

Meanwhile, Mike is healing from being shot three times in the line of duty.  Brie has always had a soft spot in his heart, so when he hears that she's been assualted, he heads to her bedside to be with her.  And then he makes a point to stay in contact when she is trying to come to terms with what happened to her and how to deal with it.

That is the beginning of a deep and abiding friendship.

So the majority of the story is them getting to know each other.  Him helping her to heal after such a traumatic event.  But she also helps him to see that he is capable of loving again.  They become what each other needs.

So while the book can be a little mundane, it's all about life.  And how life can give you a horribly sour lemon and then you have to decide what to do with it.  

There are also a bunch of other characters that make an appearance in this book!!

You meet Walt Booth and his son Tommy who have come to Virgin River to retire.

Vanessa Rutledge (she's Walt's daughter) comes to stay with him.  She is married to Matt who is serving in the marine core.  She comes to stay with her family as she's very pregnant and wants to be with her family.

Then there's Paul Haggerty, who is hopelessly in love with his best-friend's wife (Vanessa) and is a marine buddy with Jack.  He also built Jack's new house.

You find out that Rick Suttor has signed up and has left for basic training.

There are also a ton of things that happen in this book.

Jack asked Paul come and quickly finish his new house because him and Mel are having baby number two!!!

Mike gets asked by Hope McCrea to be the local constable.  And his first case is finding who is date raping  girls in high school.  Tommy Booth helps out with this one too as he's in high school.

Matt Rutledge dies over in Irag leaving behind Vanni to have their son alone.  But she's not alone!!!

So all of these stories just flow together and happen like life happens. 

And of course, Mike and Brie finally get together near the end of the book. There are a couple love scenes to watch for and they are medium to mild intesity!  They fit with the plot line and RC doesn't use crude language during it.

The book is called Whispering Rock because back in book 2, Mike took Brie on an inpromtu date on Whispering Rock, a local hang out for lovers and teens!!

It's a sweet story!  I enjoyed reading it all over again.

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