Wild Man Creek by Robyn Carr

2015 Book Cover Wild Man Creek by Robyn CarrBook 14

Wild Man Creek is the 14th book in the Virgin River Series by Robyn Carr.

This is a great continuation of the whole series.  This one brings us one of  the Riordan brothers and the one of the Matlock sisters that showed up in book 13.

This is Colin's and Jillian's story.

Colin was horribly injured in (book 13) a helicopter crash.  And while his brothers ran intervention to get him help, by the time this book starts, he's doing good and moved into a small cabin in Virgin River.

Jillian and her sister, Kelly, came to Virgin River as they were passing through on their annual holiday.  They came in time to see the inside of Hope's big Victorian house. This happened in book 13.

Jillian feels a connection to the house, so when she is faced with an harassment investigation at work, she heads to Virgin River to lick her wounds and take stock of her life.

There she meets Colin, who is recouperating from extensive injuries from a horrific helicopter crash.  He's also taking stock of his life.  He also happens to be an artist, a painter.

So he heads out to take pictures of animals in the area and comes across a beautiful meadow that has perfect light.

There he meets Jillian.  They take an instant interest in each other.  

At first, when Jillian comes to Virgin River, she stays at Luke's and Shelby's cabins.  But when she sees the neglected garden that was Hope's (Hope passed away in book 13), she starts gardening.  And when Paul finds her there, she ends up talking to Jack and renting the big house from him.

So as she's healing, she gardens.  And does an awesome job of that. 

So the story is about Jillian coming to terms with what happened to her, but also how she can use other skills that she has to make something of herself.

She goes from being a professional executive to being an organic farmer!!

While she is healing, Colin is also healing.  He was addicted to meds due to his injuries and they find solace together.  They embark in a non-committal relationship.  What they didn't expect was to fall in love.

But the book is also about others in Virgin River.

There's Denny Cutter.  He came to find his father that his mother named in a letter.  That happens to be Jack.  They spend time getting to know each other.  It's not until the end of the book that you find out that Jack isn't his biological father.  He starts working for Jillian at her garden.  

Lydie Sudder, Rick's grandmother, becomes ill enough that she needs to be taken care of.  So you see Rick again and find out how he's doing.  Him and Lizzy have gotten married and were going to school.  But he came to get his grandmother to take care of her!

Book Cover for Wild Man Creek2011 Book Cover of Wild Man Creek

Jillian meets the whole Riordan clan.  So you get updates on Sean and Franci, then Erin and Aidan, even Luke and Shelby.  Then you find out how Maureen and George are doing and that they are touring the country in their RV.  

New characters also show up.  Lief Holbrook shows up and is introduced to Jack and the rest of the town.  Even Jillian's sister Kelly makes an appearance.  Kelly and Lief get together in book 15.

But the main part of the story is about Jillian and Colin.

By the end of the story, Jillian has made some major decisions.  The biggest one being that she is not going back into the corporate world.  She plans on staying right in Virgin River.  She buys the house and starts planting her own roots!

She comes up with a plan to start making money while doing what she loves.  And in the end has a huge harvest from her huge garden to share.

Then there's Colin.  For the most of the story, he was desperate to get his life back like it was before the accident.  And even after their relationship takes on a deeper side, he still feels like he has to be able to find that edge.  

Thankfully, he comes to his senses and realizes that Jillian is all the adventure that he needs and the story ends happily ever after!!

There are several sex scenes to be aware of.  They do get a bit detailed but RC doesn't use crude words or bad language to describe them.

I liked this particular story!!  And the whole series too!

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