Wildest Dreams by Robyn Carr

Wildest Dreams by Robyn CarrBook 9

Wildest Dreams is the  final book, book 9 in the Thunder Point Series by Robyn Carr.

This book follows book 8 really closely in timeframe and events that are happening.

Although now you see things from a new set of character's point of view.

Lin Su and her son Charlie showed up at the end of book 8 when Grace hired her to be Winnie's fulltime nurse and caregiver.

You see bits of Blake, also in book 8, when he buys a house from Cooper and moves in right beside Winnie.

And while Blake and Lin Su are the main characters of this 9th book, there are a ton of other characters that you get to see.  

So the story is about Blake and Lin Su, it's also about the town.

Grace, Peyton and Iris are all having babies.

Grace had to hire a new manager after Ginger left to be with Matt at the Lacoumette farm.  She found Ronaldo, an older gentleman that had a flower shop of his own before.

The story is about how all these different couples are moving forward in their lives.  And adding new ones.

Lin Su comes to Thunder Point to be Winnie's fulltime care nurse.  And she brings her 14yr old son, Charlie with her to hang out at the beach because she doesn't want to leave him at the place that they are renting.

Charlie is small for his age and has had a ton of ailments during his young life.  So he is proficient at entertaining himself and playing on the computer.  He has a knack at researching things and when he sees Blake he finds out who he is.

Blake is a professional athlete.  He participates in the Ironman, doing a rigorous training during his down time.  Him and Charlie become fast friends.

And of course, Lin Su comes with her own set of problems.  She was adopted out when she was really little and doesn't remember a lot her heritage.  This makes her reluctant to share much with Charlie.

Blake and Lin Su develop a reluctant relationship.  But as they get to know each other, they warm up to one another.

Blake brings Lin Su out of her comfort zone especially with Charlie.  As Blake is an athlete, he helps develop a plan to improve Charlie's health.

He also realizes the deplorable conditions that they live in and he invites them to come and live at his large home.  Thus putting them in closer contact so they can get to know each other better.  As Winnie lives right next door, it seems like a good plan.

And true to Robyn Carr's writing, this story is also about the people as well.  All three eventually have their babies.  Which is exciting.

Seth Sileski's parents separate and then get back together.  Carrie and Rawley were officially together.  Ray Anne and Al were happy together taking care of Justin and his brothers.

Charlie ends up contacting his mother's step sister Leigh and makes a connection with her.  This enables Lin Su to actually find her birth mother and that adds a touching part to the ending.

So all in all, it's a nice ending to the whole Thunder Point Series.  I'm sure there could have been more added to the characters but like the Virgin River Series, there has to be a point when it's time to move on.

Yes, there are sexy scenes in the storyline, but Robyn Carr doesn't use crude words nor are there many details used.  It is tastefully done.

This whole series is worth reading again and again.  Don't forget to check out Robyn Carr's other book series.

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