Author Robyn Carr

Robyn Carr is a contemporary romance author who does a marvelous job at presenting the everyday things as being interesting and down to earth.  

All of her books are based in modern times with wonderful twists of romance and love.  She builds a community of people to get to know and to fall in love with.

Her Virgin River Series and her Thunder Point Series are about normal people like you and me and how they band together to make life easier and fulfilled.  

She's an amazing author.

While she does have details in her love scenes, they are not heavily detailed.  They range from mild to medium of intensity depending on the book.

She uses regular language in her stories with very little swearing.

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Stand-alone books

Robyn Carr does a few stand-alone novels that belong to no book series, hence I call them true stand-alone books.  Here's the ones I've found and read:

Sullivan's Crossing Series

This is the newest book series that she has out!!

Any Day Now

Thunder Point Series

The Thunder Point Series is a series that is similar to the Virgin River Series, but still different enough that they are fun and engaging to read.

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Grace Valley Trilogy: the Complete Collection

Welcome to the small town of Grace Valley where everyone knows everyone and all of their business.

And isn't afraid to gossip about it!

This a great small town trilogy about the wonderful, endearing and entertaining people living and working in Grace Valley.

Virgin River Series

The Virgin river Series is a 20 book-book series that is based on the absolute mundane parts of life that the author has made so interesting that you just have to keep reading.

Each book can be read alone, but there are sooooo many other characters that are fun to get to know.

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