Author S.M. Stryker

This author is a new up-n-coming author.  She is taking on the serious subject of abuse and sexual abuse and adding that to her story lines.  She does a good job of presenting the subject and how the characters heal and have the ability to move on.

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Each of her books are graphic in detail about the abuse and the sexual scenes.

Stand alone books

Stolen Innocence

S.M. Stryker's Stolen Innocence

Stolen Innocence is about Parker.  She has been abused by her step-father since her mother's death when she was younger.  She knows it is wrong but can't do any thing about it till she turns 18yrs.

So on her 18th birthday, she packs her bags and head out.  Never to return.  She didn't tell him where she was going.

It's a sweet story about how Parker meets Ian.  Ian is completely drawn to her and they keep meeting.  At first she doesn't want anything to do with him but finally she gets to know him and he is able to take her demons away.

What you don't expect is the ending.  It comes out of nowhere.  I won't give it away.  But I did not expect who the bad guy was.  There was no foreshadowing to come to this conclusion.  Still it was a touching story about healing and moving on.

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