Author Sara Humphreys

Romance Author Sara Humphreys writes awesome paranormal and intriguing contemporary novels.  The story lines are not complicated but are interesting and captivating.  

She does get descriptive in her love scenes, enough that I would give her a medium-low level.  I have definitely read others that were more descriptive.  They fit in the plot line but do not overpower it.

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The Amoveo Legend Series

The Amoveo Legend Series is about a group of shapeshifters that call themselves Amoveo.  There are 10 clans in the Amoveo shifters.  There are the Wolf Clan, the Bear Clan, the Falcon Clan, the Eagle Clan, the Coyote Clan, the Lion Clan, the Fox Clan, the Cheetah Clan, the Tiger Clan, and the Panther Clan.  Each Amoveo shifter does not know which clan they will be a part of until they hit puberty and shift. 

They are being hunted by the Caedo family for generations.  This family was part of a fanatical group that want to annihilate all Amoveo shifters.  This feud started over a girl!


Sara Humphreys' Unleashed

Book 1, Unleashed, starts the book series out with Malcolm coming back to his family home.  His next door neighbor just happens to be his destined mate.  He just has to convince her of that.

Samantha Logan has been drawn home by a dream.  Her parents were killed when she was very little so she was raised by her grandmother, Nonie.  She doesn't know that she is a hybrid, half human half Amoveo.  Malcolm asks her out on a date and they fall fast.  Malcolm turns into a large eagle while Samantha becomes a grey wolf.

It's a good beginning to a new book series.  It is very similar to the Dark Series by Christine Feehan.  The story line is engaging and interesting.  I have read the first two books in the last two days.

There is a hunter out to get Sam, so Malcolm calls in his friends to help him.  Dante, William, Steven, and Richard (he's the Prince of their race) all come to help with protecting Sam.

In the end they were betrayed by one of their own kind.  They call themselves the Purists.  This group become a major part of the plot line as the books continue.


Sara Humphreys' Untouched

Book 2, Untouched, continues the background plot but has Samantha's best friend, Kerry as the main character.  Kerry was badly hurt and traumatized at the end of book 1.  Malcolm sends his best man to protect Kerry.  Dante Coltari took one look at Kerry and knew she was his mate.  Kerry is a model.  Kerry turns into a panther and Dante turns into a fox.

Kerry was adopted by a family that wanted nothing to do with her.  She grew up alone.  She also doesn't realize is that she has a gift.  She is a powerful psychic.  With the touch of her hand she can see all your hopes and dreams and fears.  She was never touched until Dante.  He introduces her to the world of Amoveos.  

By now the Purists are starting to come out and they are finding out who some of them are.  Dante's father was the bad guy in book 1.  He was betrayed and deals with part of that in book 2.  When Kerry finds out who her birth parents were, you also find out that there are also other hybrids out there.  Now this small group does everything they can to find them.


Sara Humphreys' Undenied

By the book, Undenied, it's a novella, you know that there is a real division among the Amoveo shifters.  

This one is about Boris Zandoff.  He was betrayed by his own sister in book 2 and gets his own story in here.  Boris turns into a bear.


Sara Humphreys' Untamed

Book 3, Untamed, shares William's story.  Layla Nickelsen is his mate.  William saw her for the first time when she came to take pictures of Kerry.  Through her pictures, Layla is able to see more of the person that she just took a picture of.  Layla is a hybrid and has known who she was since she was a child, but she was hidden by a prominent member of the council.  

There are two other hybrids 'hidden' with her.  Layla, Raife and Tatiana were raised by Rosie, a human that knows about the Amoveo.  Layla is a black panther and William is a Gyrfalcon.

Raife ends up with his mate Sylvia Clarke.

By the end of this book, the clans have divided and the Purists have left.


Sara Humphreys' Undone

Book 4, Undone, brings in Mariana Coltari.  She is the sister to Dante in book 2.  She is also sitting on the fence about the whole Purists verses Amoveo fight.  Dante sends Pete Castro to be her bodyguard.  She is being wooed by the Purists side by Hayden and his father Artimus.

Pete, in a way to protect Mariana, puts a binding spell on her to make her Amoveo powers and abilities bound.  And then takes her and hides her for a month.  During that month they fall for each other.  It's kinda cheezy but a definitely entertaining.  Mariana can turn into a bear. You find out that Pete is part demon.  

So now a whole bunch more has been added to the plot line.  And talk about how many more stories you could get out of this!!

The last part of the story is sit-on-the-edge-of-seat suspenseful.  You find out she is pregnant and she gets her powers back just in time for her to be kidnapped by Artimus.

Then in steps Asmodeus, Pete's father and the royal Seven Princes of Hell.  He helps get Pete to Olivia, who happens to be a vampire.  This is where this series links with Sara Humphreys' other book series, the Dead in the City Series.  Olivia changes Pete into a vampire.  So now Pete is part human, part demon, part vampire.  Should be interesting.


Sara Humphreys' Unclaimed

Book 5, Unclaimed, is about Tatiana Winters and Dominic Trejada.  Tatiana is sis to Layla and Raife.  Dominic is a guard to the prince, Richard.  He has a twin Danielle who was a guard but she sided with the Purists.  Tatiana has an affinity to animals and is an awesome vet.  Dominic can turn into a tiger.  


Sara Humphreys' Unbound

Book 6, Unbound, is about Zachary McKenna and Annabelle Caedo.  This one has a whole romeo and juliet feel.  It's a novella, so it is short and very sweet.  Zachary is a guardian on a ranch and due to the last fight, he is feeling completely out of sorts.  He heads to Mexico for a holiday and literally has Annabelle falling on his door step.  

She is part of the Caedo family.  She knows all about the Amoveo and also knows that her family is wrong too.  She runs away from home only to have her father and uncle find her.  

By these last two books, Sara Humphreys definitely goes into more detail during the love scenes almost to the point to overpowering the plot line. 

There is definitely more the series.  The whole Steven/Courtney/Savannah story has to be finished.

I will definitely watch for the continuing books to this series.

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