Our Song by Savannah Kade

Our Song by Savannah KadeBook 1

Our Song is the 1st book in the Wilder Books by Savannah Kade.

This series is about the four friends who are part of the band "Wilder".  They are JD Hewlitt, his brother, TJ Hewlitt, Alex Beaumont, and Craig Hibbets.  

JD plays the bass guitar and is one of the songwriters.  He is also the glue for the band.

So this story is about JD and Kelsey Conklin.

She is a single mom that comes to JD's desperate help just when he needed it.

The story starts out with JD and his young daughter are in the store looking for clothing that will fit.  And 5yr old Andie is wailing because she doesn't want the clothes that he is offering.  JD is at his wits end, so when Kelsey offers some help, he jumps at the chance.

When he realizes that she is now his new neighbor, he starts going to her for help with Andie.

You see, Andie is the daughter he didn't know he had  -  sort of!!

An old girlfriend had put him on Andie's birth certificate claiming JD as the father, so when he got word that she had died, he was tasked with taking care of her.  And to make things even more interesting, he knows that she is not actually biologically his.  But his heart gets involved, he knows that he can't give her up even when legally he could.

So he now has to figure out how to be a dad to a traumatized little girl that just lost her mother.  And he goes to Kelsey for help and a friendship blossoms.

As Kelsey is a single mom to two kids already, helping JD is not taxing.  So they get to know each other while they share parenting duties.

A solid, deep friendship is formed long before they both realize that they love each other.

There are some slow parts to the story when they are getting to know each other.  And they are both slow to realize their feelings and definitely slow to take things to the next step.  Pretty much the whole story is them having committment phobias.  They don't get really together till the end of the story.

Here are a few things about the story that I found.

As they were getting to know each other, they didn't share enough of their backgrounds to really understand each other.  So there were several misunderstandings that could have been avoided if they had.

The author just didn't include these details in the story.  She aluded to them though.

The group is a struggling band at the beginning of the story only to find their big break, with Kelsey's help, mind you, and so by the end they are juggling parenting while he's on tour and building a name for himself.

Kelsey is also trying to building a name for herself, by being a photographer.  With her help, they get the exposure that they need to become successful.  And that helps her to be noticed as well.

So the story is not only about their budding relationship, but also about following your dreams and your heart.

There's a few scenes to watch out for.  And one has enough details to do some skipping.  Others scenes are just eluded to with no details.

This was a good story.  While I would've liked to have a bit more background detail to understand the story, she is a good storyteller.  I will watch for book 2, 3 and 4!!!

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This is a great scene where JD realizes that he loves her and can't live without her!! Check out right at the end of chapter 38.JD and Kelsey

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