Bad Penny by Sharon Sala

2018 Book Cover for Bad Penny by Sharon SalaBook 3 - 2018 Book Cover

Bad Penny is the 3rd and final book in the Cat Dupree Series by Sharon Sala.

This book follows right after book 2 with Wilson and Cat back at the family ranch recuperating.  But this time it's Wilson who was shot.  One of his perps, that he'd arrested and put into jail, had it out for him.

You will find that this book is three interchanging stories of three different sets of characters and how their lives intersect and connect.

First, of course, is Wilson and Cat.  They have moved forward in their relationship and are basically living together.  They have also decided to make some changes in their lives.

We also get to know the idiots that have a hate-on for Wilson.  They shot him at the end of book 2 and are on the run.  It ends up being only one brother that goes after Wilson.  And he kills a lot in his path to find Wilson.

Then there's the Mexican police detective that's in pursuit of solving Solomon's murder.  As he follows the clues, they lead him straight to Cat.

2008 Book Cover for Bad Penny by Sharon Sala2008 Book Cover

Wilson and Cat face many challenges together, things like enduring a tornado and living to tell your tale!  Or finding out that she was pregnant when she was beaten by Solomon Tutuola and the baby's fine.  Or they both decide that bounty hunting is no longer what they want to do.

So the characters go through tons as they are recuperating at the family ranch in Texas.  We get to know his parents and siblings.  And we see how Wilson and Cat deepen their love to the point that they get married.

Jimmy Franks, the idiot perp that goes after Wilson, makes so many mistakes and just happens to be at the ranch when the detective comes to question Cat that he's the one that kills Franks to save Cat.

As for the detective, as he was investigating and following the clues, he learned a lot about Cat and Wilson McKay.  And the more he learned about Cat, the more he was astounded at the strength that he saw in her. 

And that is where to story ends.  With all of the characters solving their issues and living happily ever after!!!

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