Betrayed by Sharon Sala

Betrayed by Sharon Sala is a romantic suspense novel that doesn't belong to any book series.

Betrayed by Sharon Sala2017 Book Cover

Book Details

This suspense novel is also classified as a romantic thriller.

You should also know that while Sala is a romance author, this book is not really a romance at all.  Even though it has a bit of romance in it.

What it is is mostly a thriller.  An intense, interesting thriller that keeps you pinned until you finish reading it!

This book cover is for kindle as well as paperback!

There are no sexy details in this story at all.

Even the romance played a second place to the mystery that needed to be solved.

The only violence is when one is killed, shot in the head.  And there's no bad language to be aware of.

The book cover is very closely related to the storyline completely.  It's nice to see a book cover that matches the story.

You'll find this written in 3rd person, switching from Logan and Wade to the killer, who Sala calls Big Boy.  And you don't find out who he really is until the last chapter of the book.

Book Summary

This is an intense story about one girl's path to finding justice.

Sixteen-year-old Logan Conway's (and yes, this is a female) life dramatically changes the night her brother is killed.

She then has the strength and foresight to not only bury him but also to flee the small town of Bluejacket before dawn, before anyone sees her.

But it's only 10yrs later that she comes back to seek justice and find the man who got away with murder.

Now all grown, she's a force to be reckoned with.  As a woman in a man's field, she knows how to stand up against men but also to able to run a successful business.

And when she gets back to Bluejacket, she ends up stirring the pot and awakening a killer's wrath.

At first, she doesn't tell anyone what she's up to.  But when she's shot, she knows that she has to come clean with the law and with Wade, the man standing beside her.

So while Wade comes to Bluejacket after she's shot and stays with her until things have been found out and justice has been served, the romance between them is simple and sweet but not really a part of the storyline.

The storyline is more about who killed her brother and the man who did it.

So Logan and Wade tell the Chief and it becomes his mission to help solve this case.

And as the story comes out, Logan finds that she did have friends in Bluejacket and they are willing to support and love her.

So not only was this story about Logan finding justice for her brother, it's also about her coming to terms with her past and being able to put her past behind her and move on with Wade.

Thru the story, things start to happen the gives Chief Josh Evans the details he needs to put the pieces together to find out who the killer is.

Why, cuz the killer is upset and unnerved that Logan is back in town and stirring up trouble.  And he keeps making mistakes, mistakes that show his hand!

In the end, they do figure out who did it and then Logan and Wade come together.

But a lot of the romance is behind the scenes not in the front of the story.


This is a great, intense read.

It's not a long story, only approx 250 pages.  I read it in one day and was able to get it from my library as an ebook.

The story is intriguing and definitely interesting.  And because Sala has a way of writing so that you don't know who the killer is despite the fact you've seen into his head, the story is captivating and suspenseful.

She's capable of giving us some of the villain's perspective while not giving us any details on who they might be!  A master storyteller!!

Definitely a story worth reading!

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