Blessings, Georgia Series by Sharon Sala

In the Blessings, Georgia Series you see Sharon Sala's lighter side of her writing!  

This series is based around the Curl Up & Dye salon that has four meddlesome characters that work at and all the gossip surrounds!  

So it's these four characters (Ruby Dye, the twins Vera and Vesta Conklin, and Mabel Jean) move from story to story, while the plot lines of each book have to do with a featured couple that's highlighted.  Sometimes this couple is connected with other characters, sometimes not.  But they are just people living and working in Blessings, Georgia. 

Each book is about the hero and heroine, but it's also about the town and that particular pair intersect with the other characters.

This series is both endearing and sweet!  And it's definitely a testament to the writing skills of Sharon Sala.  

This series is classified as a clean and wholesome romance, so there's no sexy details to worry about in any of the stories.

Book 0.5, Count Your Blessings is a novella that opens this series.  It's about... I'll let you know!!

Book 1, You and Only You, is about LilyAnn Bronte and Mike Dalton.  LilyAnn lost her way a long time ago.  It takes another for her to see what has been right in front of her the whole time.

Book 2, I'll Stand By You, is about Dori Grant and Johnny Pine.  Johnny comes to Dori's rescue when no one else would.

Book 3, Saving Jake, is about Jake Lorde and Laurel Payne.  This a tender and sweet story about two lives coming together after major heartbreak.

Book 4, A Piece of My Heart, is about Mercy Dane and Lon Pittman.  Lon is the local police chief.  He's plays a small part in each of the stories but now he gets his own story.  Mercy has an accident that has unforeseen circumstances that arise, and not all bad!  

Book 5, The Color of Love, is about Peanut Butterman and Ruby Dye.  Peanut has had his eye on Ruby for some time!  But it's only after she's kidnapped does he come forward.

Book 6, Come Back to Me, is about Aiden Payne and Phoebe Ritter.  Aidan and his father were ostracized out of town, leaving Phoebe to face life alone.

Book 7, Forever My Hero, is about two that have come to Blessings to heal.  Dan Amos and Alice Conroy have both suffered horrible losses.

Book 8, A Rainbow Above Us, is about Bowie James and Rowan Harper. He was shunned and run out of town when he was a child.  Now he's back to help his family but not to stir the pot, even though it happens anyway.

Book 9, The Way Back to You, is about Sully Raines and Melissa Dean.  They had a childhood crush on each other and found each other in a wonderful twist of fate again when he's looking for his mother.

Many authors redo their book covers and then reissue them.  

Sharon Sala is no different.  

Here are the old book covers to the first 2 books in this series.

Color Me Bad

Color Me Bad by Sharon Sala - this book is reissued as Count Your BlessingsA Novella - Book 0.5

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