Blood Stains by Sharon Sala

Sharon Sala's Blood StainsBook 1

Blood Stains is the 1st book in the trilogy the Searchers Series.

This series is about the 3 girls (Maria, Savannah, and Holly) that were placed in Andrew Slade's care.  He was traveling as a evangelical preacher and their mothers left the girls are in his care - for their protection.

This is Maria's story.

In a journal that was left to her after Andrew's death, she finds out that she is the daughter to a murdered prostitute.

And she is the only witness.

Maria doesn't remember anything before she came to the ranch.  But she is determined to find out who killed her mother.

Her mother knew that her life was danger and approached Andrew Slade and his wife if they will take her daughter in their care.

Andrew does not telling Maria that she is anything but his daughter.  She grows thinking that she is their biological child.

When she finds out that she isn't, she heads to Oklahoma to find her mother's killer.  Her first stop is to the Tulsa Police Dept.  There she is interviewed by Detective Bodie Scott.  

There is an instant attraction between Bodie and Maria.  And together they investigate different clues that could lead them to the killer.  

And of course, the killer gets wind of them and takes matters in his own hands.

When there's an attempt on her life, Brodie decides that life is too short and he becomes her personal protector!  

Okay, it's kinda cheesy.  But still an enjoyable read.  Definitely looking forward to book 2 and book 3.

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