Blood Ties by Sharon Sala

Blood Ties by Sharon SalaBook 2

Blood Ties is the 2nd book in the trilogy the Searchers Series.  

This series is about 3 women (Maria, Savannah and Holly) that thought they were sisters but at their "father's" death, they find out that not only are they not sisters but Andrew isn't their father.

This is Savannah's story.

She found out at the death of her father, that she is the daughter of a wealthy family in Florida.

She decides that she needs to see this Stoss family for herself.  Her boyfriend Judd Holyfield doesn't think she should go alone.  She goes anyway.

She heads to Florida to see the Stoss family only to be shunned.  

The police and the Stoss family don't believe her. 

She also unwittingly witnesses a murder and becomes a target to this family.

Judd comes to Florida to help her and to protect her. And of course, they fall for each other even more and end up getting engaged!

It's a quick and intriguing story.  Keeps you on your toes until the very end.

Each story stands on its own, but you see a bit of the other sisters in each book.

Definitely enjoyed it.  Looking forward to the final installment, book 3.

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