Capsized by Sharon Sala

Capsized by Sharon Sala2015 Book Cover

Capsized a stand-alone story from Sharon Sala.  This story doesn't belong to any book series.

This is a romantic suspense novel. Amazon has it also labelled as an urban fantasy!

This is a very short story with only just over 100 pages!!  That makes it a very easy and short read!!

But it's a good read.

This is the story of Kelly Sloan and Quinn McCord.

She's an undercover DEA Agent.  He's a Texas Ranger.

They meet when she's washed ashore in basically nothing.

She escaped by the skin of her teeth from the man that wants her dead.

Knowing that she's not free of Ortega, she begs Quinn not to tell the cops!!  Not knowing that she kinda already did!!

Quinn in on a forced vacation and R&R after the shooting of his friend and partner.  But he's not good at being on a vacation.

So when Kelly comes out of the water like a nymph, he decided to take her cause as his own.

He has time off anyway.

And the attraction between is definitely worth exploring.

Now, because it's a short story, the story moves pretty quickly and doesn't have a lot of flowery words.

The story is written in 3rd person and jumps from the main characters.

There's a bit of violence in the story due to the fact that the character has had to evade a notorious crime boss.

While they're running from this crime boss, they give into the attraction that they feel for each other.

And not only do they have to evade this crime boss, they have to hide from every low life that is around as there's a 2-million dollar bounty on her head.

Makes for getting anywhere pretty difficult.  That is until she calls the president of the United States!!  Okay, that part doesn't play a part of the storyline much at all!

The story then ends pretty quickly.

She calls the president and he rescues her and brings her to the White House to wait out the time till the trial that she'll be testifying in.

She then testifies.  The bad guy goes to prison!  

And she decides that she can't live without Quinn and goes to find him.

Okay it's cheesy but I enjoy just about anything that Sharon Sala dishes out!!  I am a huge Sala fan.

Any book of hers is worth reading.

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