The Cat Dupree Series by Sharon Sala

The Book Covers to the Cat Dupree Series by Sharon Sala - Book 1 is Nine Lives, Book 2 is Cut Throat and Book 3 is Bad Penny.The Complete Collection

The Cat Dupree Series by Sharon Sala is a 3-book series that has the same main characters in all three books.

This series is about Cat Dupree and Wilson McKay.

Catherine "Cat" Dupree is a bounty hunter on a mission to catch the man that slit her throat, left her for dead and then killed her father.

This series starts with book 1, Nine Lives, when she meets up with Wilson McKay and they sort of hit it off.  There is certainly an attraction to each other.

I would call this a "sort-of romance."  Definitely a suspense story.  But the romance between Cat and Wilson does not play a huge part in the storyline.

What plays a huge part of the storyline is when Cat's best friend goes missing and she knows that she's been killed.

Cat spends the entire book trying to find her friend and trying to convince others that her theory is correct and they need to find the man who killed her.

Wilson gets involved because he's also a bounty hunter and he keeps running into Cat and sees a woman that intrigues him and he can't stop thinking about.

In the process of Cat finding and catching the man that killed her friend, she also finds out the name of the man that killed her father.

So in book 2, Cut Throat, she knows that Solomon Tutuola is still alive and she knows that she's the only one that can defeat him.  And while she's able to find him, she also learns many things along the way.

While they do find him and he dies in book 2, in book 3, Bad Penny, is about how Wilson and Cat get on with their lives.  Even though they have some unfinished business that has followed them.  

You will find that each book can stand on its own, but I found reading all three books in the series, you see the growth of the characters and what they had to get there.  You see how they fought for their peace and serenity that they have in the very end.

And then, at the very end of the last book, the author gives us an epilogue of what happens with Wilson and Cat and the joy in life that they find.

A great series to check out.  Take a minute to read each book page to know a little more about the books, so you'll know more before you read!!!

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