Cold Hearts by Sharon Sala

Cold Hearts by Sharon SalaBook 2

Cold Hearts is book 2 in the Secrets and Lies Trilogy.  

There is a continuing plot line that follows the whole series.  A morbid plot line.

Sharon Sala does a good job at portraying the killer in this series.  You don't have any clues as to who it could be until the end, so I won't spoil it for you!!!

If you remember from book 1,  Betsy, Paul, Connie and Dick were in a car accident at the end of their high school celebrations.  And Dick was killed in book 1.

During book 1, Betsy starting having nightmares.  She is starting to remember the accident.  And the killer gets wind of this.

In book 2, you find that Paul is now the owner of a garage.  He's moved on but is now rattled with Dick's death.  No one is putting the pieces together and realizing that there is a killer out there.  They figure this out in book 2.

They, being Lissa (Melissa) and Mack.  Lissa is the woman that Mack left when he had to get out of Mystic.  Mack is Paul's son.  

Mack comes back when Trey calls him to tell him that his dad has been killed by the car lift in his garage.  Mack drops everything and comes.  It's taken his father's death to bring him back home.

He's also very surprised that Lissa is still in Mystic and she's still single.

She's connected to Paul's death as her car was used as the murder weapon.

So now you know how they are all connected!!

This story gets even more interesting with an added dimention of a stalker going after Lissa.  This stalker is mean and has a plan for Lissa.

As Lissa and Mack relive old memories and get to know each other all over again, the stalker gets closer to Lissa.

The story is captivating and interesting!  Sharon Sala entices you enough that you have to read the 3rd book.  I know I did!

The story ends with Trey giving a reward for any info at the end of the Mack's dad's funeral.

And it leads right into book 3.  Check it out!

You do need to read book 1 in order to understand book 2 and book 3.

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