Come Back to Me by Sharon Sala

Come Back to Me by Sharon SalaBook 6

Come Back to Me by Sharon Sala is the 6th book in the Blessings, Georgia Series.

This is where we get to know Phoebe Ritter and Aidan Payne.

According to the storyline, back in high school, they were an item.  Then their world fell apart when Phoebe's father was killed in a fire.

Harsh words were said and Aidan and his father were blamed for her father's death and then ostracized out of town.

What Aidan didn't know is what happened to Phoebe after he left.

As young adults, they didn't know how to weather the anger and hate and pain that came when their world fell apart.

Then the story jumps ahead 20yrs.

Aidan goes back to Blessings to settle his grandfather's estate after he passes.

And runs into Phoebe and her son Lee.  A son he didn't know he had.

What then begins is a get-to-know-you-again type of story.  For both Lee and Phoebe.

And of course for Aidan as well.

Part of Aidan's grandfather's estate is finalizing his business--taking care of the rental properties under his care.

And hiring Lee to help is a bonus where he's able to get to know Lee.

And getting to know Phoebe again is even better.

So this story is a typical finding-long-lost-love story.  They find each other again and find out that they still harbor deep feelings for each other.

And of course, lots of things happen during the story that bring them together and make them more of a couple.

There's Elliot, from across the street, he's an adorable character.  He's an old gent that's come to Blessings to retire and live out his days.  He's a quirky character with abilities that add to the story!!

Then a bunch of the past characters that come back for us to see and get to know again.  That's fun!

And of course their past must be solved.  The one who started the fire needs to be found and caught.  And that brings in several characters that really add to the storyline.

Okay, they find out who set the fire and he's in jail by the end.  

They also get a visit from her mother, the one that abandoned Phoebe when she was a young pregnant teen!  There's interesting and poignant scenes where Phoebe faces her mother and says her piece.

And yes, they end up together and start a whole new chapter of their lives.

This whole series is a clean, wholesome series and this book is as well.  We do know what happens and when, but there's no details that are used.

This story is a sweet and tender story.  I enjoyed it immensely.  Check it out!!

This series continues in Forever My Hero, book 7, where we find out Dan's and Alice's story.

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