Deep Water by Sharon Sala

Deep Water by Sharon Sala

Deep Water is a stand-alone novel by Sharon Sala.

It's intriguing and engaging!!

Definitely a read again novel!

This book was published in 2002.  But it's new to me!!  That's what's fun about books.  They never grow old!!

This is Sarah Whitman's story.  The story of how she lost her father and how the entire town of Marmet turned against her and her mother.

The disappearance of her father and the subsequent murmurrings that the entire town did caused her mother to take her own life!!

At the age of 10, Sarah lost both of her parents.

This book starts with a car chase and the death of a fugitive that ends up in the lake.

Then when the police find that fugitive, they also find the body of Frank Whitman locked in a metal box at the bottom of Flagstaff Lake.

When word gets out about finding Frank's body, the entire town is turned upside down. 

When Sarah gets word that her father's body was found, she heads to Marmet to claim his body but also to find redemption for her father's murder.

When Tony "Silk" DeMarco hears about Frank Whitman being found, he heads to Marmet to be there for Sarah.  He wasn't there for her at her mother's funeral, he will be there for her now!

As Tony and Sarah, along with the Ron Gallagher, the Sheriff of Somerset County, dig into the murder of Frank Whitman, the killer takes a few shots at Sarah.  If the killer had just been quiet, noone would have been the wiser!!

Tony steps in and helps Sarah when she needs it most.  Then together, they look into her father's murder.  As they spend time together, they realize they have feelings for each other.

The love scenes are tastefully done.  Even to the point that they leave most to your imagination.  

Sharon Sala writes in alternating 3rd person.  So not only do you get to see Sarah's point of view, you see Tony's as well as the killer's.  

And you will never guess who the killer is until the very last minute!!

The whole story is enlighting and entertaining.  You feel what Sarah feels, how she was ostrisized in her own town and shunned until her auntie came and got her.

There are a ton of secondary characters that make this a really good story.

It's definitely a keeper!!

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