Don't Cry for Me by Sharon Sala

Don't Cry for Me by Sharon SalaBook 2

Don't Cry for Me by Sharon Sala is the 2nd book in the Rebel Ridge Series!!

This one is just as intense as the other 2 books in the series.  But I enjoyed this one the most!

This series is about the Walker family.  Ryal, Quinn and Meg.

This is Quinn's and Mariah Conrad's story.

Both Quinn and Mariah were in the military and served for some time together.  They were buddies, lovers as well as friends.

When Quinn got home he couldn't handle a normal job, so he became a backcountry ranger.  With his PTSD he spends his days alone.  It's better that way.

When he found out that she was being discharged, he made a point to go and get her to bring her to his home.  

When Mariah comes, she's injured.  She spends most of the story recuperating.

The majority of the story is Mariah figuring out how to deal with her PTSD.

And like any story, there are things that happen that make it seem like she isn't healing.  Things like hearing the sound of helicopter when there's no lights to see one or using a rifle to kill a bear that's chasing Beth.  Or the noises she keeps hearing.

But what really put her to the test is when Quinn gets chained up in the back of a mine so he won't tell about the drug operation.

So the story goes, Quinn's investigating a rogue bear who was shot with an arrow.  It festered and the bear ended up killing several people before Mariah shot the bear when it came to their house.  

Quinn sees tracks at the kill sites that match to someone that works at the new mushroom operation in the abandoned mine.  This mushroom business is just a front for the drug business that Lonnie sets up.

This mine has an opening that goes all the way through the mountain to the other side where Quinn's cabin is.  Mariah knows there's a tunnel as she heard voices and she's not going crazy.

Mariah knows that Quinn is in that mine.  What she goes through to get Quinn out, especially when she has PTSD.  It's amazing.  Check it out!

True to her style of writing, Sharon Sala has a pretty twisted plot that happens.  She does a good job of presenting the characters and the building the story.  This whole series is worth a read!

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