The Forces of Nature by Sharon Sala

The Forces of Nature Series written by Sharon Sala, definitely has a dark side to it.  

The basis of the plot is a man, who feels wronged by the FBI because of his wife's death, decides to show them that they should have helped when they had the chance.  This man becomes the Stormchaser Killer.  He kills in the wake of a natural disaster.  

This plot continues from each book and is resolved in the last book.

Tate Benton, Wade Luckett, and Cameron Winger are the FBI team that is sent in to track and find the Stormchaser Killer.  This book series is about each of these men.

Each story is about how the killer has an unusual attachment to these men and when their women get in the way of his lime light, he gets affronted.  

He then goes after the women and luckily the men thwart him each time he tries.  While the story about the couple is sweet and heartwarming, the plot about the killer is morbid and dark.  

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